Creature from the Black Lagoon
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TriviaThe Creature's TriviaSorry all you Internet Explorer lovers! This quiz will only work with Netscape, Mozilla, Firefox and Safari. Download them below!

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Hey! Join me in my black lagoon for a swim. I'd love to have you for lunch. No? Rats! Was it my breath? I flossed with a jaw bone just last night. Oh well, take this trivia test instead.

Start the test by clicking with the mouse on 'Start this test'.

Then, answer the question by clicking on one of the four numbered buttons left of the answers. This will indicate your choice for the answer.

After you have answered a question, go to the next one by clicking on the button 'Next question'. At the end of the test the number of correct answers will appear, together with a percentage value, relating the number of correct answers to the number of all answers. If you do poorly, you're my lunch!

Feedback: Correct answer:
The number of correct answers during the test: This corresponds to a % of

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