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WTC disasterOn September 11, 2001, a day that will live on eternally, Ben's plane to Hawaii from the hospital following his hip surgery was diverted to Lincoln, Nebraska when all planes in the US were grounded due to the terrorist attacks. He arrived first at the Red Cross shelter and then stayed in a local hotel until airlines were permitted to fly again.

Ben Writes:
"Do you realize that I took off from Baltimore on United flght 197 at 7:30 am, Tuesday, the 11th- the same time and proximity as the other planes with the Arab terrorists?"

"The spooky thing is that we were at Baltimore which is a half hour drive to the White House. We wondered if they had considered our plane because we were loaded with fuel to go to San Fransisco nonstop. While we were in the air we were in the same proximity as the other planes. God was on our shoulders."

Ben says:
"I have an incredible story to tell about my trip to Hawaii after being laid up in Lincoln, Nebraska after the terrorist attacks. After three days, we were finally able to board a plane to San Fransisco. While in San Fransisco, a security guard asked to see my ID before I boarded my plane to Hawaii. I didn't have anything but an expired passport which he wouldn't accept. "I have to have a current picture ID" he said. When I told him I didn't have one, he said I wouldn't be able to board. Keep in mind that I'm sitting in a wheelchair due to my injury and showed them my hospital release papers. It was then I remembered that I had something in my pocket."

"In 1998 I attended an anniversary party for the Hawaii 5-0 actors and staff. They gave all of us a 5-0 badge with our pictures that was a duplicate of the TV props they used on the show. It was this prop that I handed the security guard. He took a look at the badge and said, "this guy is with the Hawaii state police!" and said I could board. I then whispered, "hey guys" and they leaned close to me. I told them, "don't tell anyone I'm with 5-0". Then one of the guards pushed me all the way to the plane without hesitation."

Many people don't know that there was never a real Hawaii 5-0 on Hawaii.

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